Lettuce Wear Green! You’ve a Head and a Heart! Etc. etc….


The puns were flowing yesterday when I took to Dublin’s O’Connell Street in nothing more than a dress made of lettuce, to help promote a special green-themed St. Patrick’s Day message on behalf of PETA: “Turn Over A New Leaf – Go Vegetarian”. Despite the freezing weather and high winds threatening to blow up my leaves and slip a nip, as a dedicated vegetarian, I was delighted to have been asked to help promote animal welfare by such a globally influential organisation. I was also pretty hungry by the time I had to step out in my greenery, and just about resisted the urge to buy a jar of mayo and gobble my guna. Thankfully the local pigeons and bemused passers-by weren’t particularly keen to sample the vegetation and my blushes were spared. peta.org

peta.orgFor more info on how becoming a vegetarian will benefit your body, animals and our planet, please visit www.peta.org

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, green Saint Patrick’s Day!