Good Luck to the Mount Kilimanjaro Climbers!

Climb For Kids


Climb for Kids Kilimanjaro Challenge 2010 - 9th October 2010 – 18th October 2010, Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

TV Presenters Kathryn Thomas, Sile Seoige, Jenny Buckley, Comedian Alan Shortt and Karl Spain, the High Kings Darren Holden, Cork Hurler, Aisake O hAilpin, 2FM DJ, Ruth Scott, Fitness Trainer Paul Byrne of BodyByrne and friends of Crumlin will Climb for Kids when they embark on a colossal climb up Mount Kilimanjaro, in association with 2FM, on October 9th 2010.

 It will take the celebrity climbers an exhausting 6-days of trekking to reach the summit. (The celebrities doing it for Comic Relief last year took 8!) Each gruelling moment will be captured by 2FM DJ Ruth Scott who will accompany the team and record every bump, slip and trip from the base camp to the summit. They will also have a camera crew who will be on hand to capture key moments for a documentary to be aired next March.

Mt Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest mountain standing at a whopping 19,340 feet above sea level and is a magnet for trekkers and climbers the world over. The challenging trek will takes them along the Machame route that approaches Kilimanjaro from the south, through dense tropical rainforest all the way to the snow capped summit at 5896m.

Kilimanjaro sits on the northern border of Tanzania, overlooking Kenya, and just over 200 miles south of the Equator. The area is not particularly mountainous; indeed, the nearest mountain to Kilimanjaro is Mount Meru, over 60km away to the south-west. 

Wishing this brave group of climbers the very best of luck – stay safe and I hope you raise a huge amount of money for Crumlin.