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Carb Wars!

  Are you a carb-lover or carb-avoider? Have a look at my latest nutrition article on carbohydrates…. Rx Carb wars, by Rosanna Davison We’re all so accustomed to seeing ‘low-carb’, ‘carb-free’, and ‘sugar-free’ written on food packaging, and numerous people I know decide to embark on a ‘no-carb diet’ to prepare for weddings, beach holidays […]

The Protein Myth

  As my diet is 100% plant-based, one of my most frequently asked questions is “where do you get your protein?” In the Western World particularly, we have been so conditioned to believe that the only worthwhile sources of protein to eat are chicken, eggs, meat and fish. I decided to write this article, which […]

Top Tips on Nutrition….

Just published on new Irish health and beauty website, The Beauty Lounge, here are some of my favourite nutrition tips to help maintain a healthy and happy digestive system. I follow them everyday! Rx   Two diet additions for cleansing your system   Raw Apple Cider Vinegar   Raw apple cider vinegar is wonderful in promoting […]

New Interview!

A new interview has just been published on Canadian website The Lion’s Den University on Playboy US, PETA and much more… check it out here! Rx

The Importance of Antioxidants….

  Check out my latest nutrition article featured on The Beauty Lounge, about the importance of including plenty of antioxidants in your diet everyday to slow down the ageing process and ward off disease… Rx     The word “antioxidant” is regularly thrown about in the health and beauty industry, but what does it really […]


My 8-page centrefold spread in Playboy USA has just been published! It features the photographs shot in Mauritius last year and I’m really happy with how it all looks Check out the pics below! R x  

New Fashion Interview!

  I recently spoke to about all things style-related. Check out the full interview here

Daily Diet Tricks…

As featured on The Beauty Lounge There are lots of foods that should be included in your diet every day – but two wonder foods are celery and pineapple.   Celery   I highly recommend including celery as part of your daily diet. It contains an ideal balance of potassium and natural sodium, which can […]

The Power of Fruit and Veg

My nutrition top tips as featured on The Beauty Lounge…. Fruit is my favourite food and I eat a lot of it! Of all the foods that we can eat for greater beauty, health and vitality, fruit is the most life-enhancing. It is high in water and tummy-friendly fibre, and boasts an amazing spectrum of […]

The Importance of Fat…

Throughout my training as a nutritionist, the necessity of the right type of fats in the diet was consistently emphasised, and many clients I’ve seen and treated have shown classic symptoms of an omega-3 fat deficiency. Here is my latest article as The Beauty Lounge‘s resident nutrition expert on The Importance of Fat: Fat. It’s a […]